Achieved So Far

What we’ve collected since February 2011 and kept out of Sussex landfill sites

Units collected:

Units Collected Points Earned
The Air and Home Care Recycling Programme 28,140 217,316
The Cracker and Biscuit Wrapper Recycling Programme 132,373 361,300
The Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Programme 330 660
The Tassimo® & L’OR® Recycling Programme 555,248 569,600
EllaCycle 10,920 22,206
Coffee Packaging Recycling Programme 43,295 75,319
Tassimo® & L’OR® Recycling Programme 331,828 461,072
The Kenco Eco Refill Brigade® 1,441 3,098

No longer being collected:

Mobile Phones 2,228 6,600
JOHNSON’S® Baby Wipes Packaging Brigade® 13,656 26,346
The Activia® Yogurt Brigade® 41,261 82,726

Points Earned:

As of April 2018 we have earned 1,369,020 points and points means cash which means £15,740.00 has gone direct to the local nominated charities of our choice from TerraCycle.

Please note: None of this cash can be used for expenses, petrol and other costs. These cost are all met directly out of the Recycling in Lancing volunteers’ pockets.


May 2018 Update

Donations sent out this month (total £1,950)

Donations sent out in May 2018

December 2018 Update

Donations sent out this month (total £2,450)

list of donations made to charities and organisations in December 2018

Spring 2019 Update

Donations sent out in August (total £3,000)