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Frequently Asked Questions

 Definitely NO!  See the Items We Recycle Page for the precise list of Items we can take. CLICK HERE <link will need updating>  We are limited to the items we can take by which corporate company will pay Terracycle to collect, process and recycle their products.  So McVities will only pay for biscuit wrappers, KP will only pay for their nut bags to be recycled and Walkers their crisp packets, etc, etc,.  

Definitely NO!   We do this in our time and expense.  No money is given to us from TerraCycle.  All the money raised goes direct to the community projects / charities / groups direct by either bank transfer or a cheque.

We have found all the local schools have PTA’s that support their school with funding raising activities.  With so many in our area we felt it would not be fair to give schools.  Don’t forget a lot of the after school activities like the Scouts, Brownies and Guides ARE supported so the children do benefit from the money raised.  There is nothing stopping a school starting their own collection point and dealing with Terracycle direct.

We have to pack each waste stream into separate boxes prior to despatch e.g. all the crisp packets together, biscuits separately, chocolate wrappers separately…. you’re getting the idea.   So to help save us a MASSIVE amount of time if you sort the waste into separate bags (bread bags are ideal as they get recycled too!).  

We do understand that at times it can be confusing.  The best thing you can do is contact us Facebook Messenger and send us a photo, we’ll respond ASAP to say yes or no.  To reach out to us on Facebook CLICK HERE

We DO NOT take random stretchy plastic bags…. we CAN ONLY take the items on the list.  So NO – carrier bags/veg bags, frozen food plastic etc,.

You can recycle these at supermarkets but NOT THROUGH US!

Sorry no we can’t take these.