Organsations Supported

Our focus is on local charities and community organisations that benefit from our work.  After all, it's the local people that take their time to collect, sort and deliver the waste that we box up and despatch.  Twice a year we ask for ideas on who would benefit from a donation in either Spring and Autumn.    Since 2011 we have raised over £58,000 (December 2021).

Right at the start we made the decision not to donate to schools or colleges.  There are too many of them and they all have their own funding raising 'Friends' groups supporting them.  Many of the Schools, Academies and Colleges have signed up to the various Terracycle schemes.  To view the UK collection points on a Google Maps CLICK HERE

What we have raised in the second half of 2021
Recycling in Lancing Spring donations 2021

£7,000 to local groups plus £500 sent to SAFE (Saving Abandoned Fly-grazing Equines) so £7500 in total.   Payments were sent out in June 2021.

Recycling in Lancing 2020 Autumn donations
Recycling in Lancing 2020 Spring Donations
Recycling in Lancing 2019 Autumn Donations
Recycling in Lancing 2019 Spring Donations
Recycling in Lancing Serv Sussex donation-2018

Thank You letters

Here are just a few of the many Thank You letters we received over the years

If you want to nominate a local Charity or Community Organisation to receive a donation please Get In Touch.