Items we DO NOT Recycle

We often find items in the waste that aren't part of what we can recycle.  We know it can be difficult to understand, as some cellophanes are identical to ones we can recycle.  For instance salad bags appear to be identical to biscuit wrappers.  The reason we are unable to take other plastics is to do with the company (sponsor) who pays Terracycle to recycle their waste into new products.   So for instances, McVities Biscuits pay for their wrappers to be recycled and hence why they won't pay for Tesco/Sainsbury etc salad bag plastics, although saying that, McVitie's will pay for Tesco/Sainsbury, etc biscuit wrappers!

We have to be ultra careful we do not send off other plastics in the various shipments we send to Terracycle.  We have to separate the waste stream boxes prior to despatch.   On receiving the box at Terracycle, the team closely scrutinise the content and any 'contamination' with other products will void the whole box and we do not get a credit for this shipment.

So PLEASE PLEASE only send us what is on the list.  To download a copy of the list click the button below.

Here are examples of items we can NOT take

disposable razors
We DO NOT take disposable razors
NO to Dolce Gusto coffee Pods
NO to Dolce Gusto coffee Pods
No pet food TRAYS
No Pet Food TRAYS
NO to Random Plastic Packets
NO to Random Plastic Packets
No to other plastic lids
NO to other plastic lids
No Super Noodle Packets
No Super Noodle Packets
no to coffee bean packets
No to coffee bean/grindings packets
Drink pouches
coffee pods
cat and dog food pouches
NO to Plastic Chocolate Trays
NO to Plastic Chocolate Trays

We do NOT take WATER FILTERS OR BATTERIES – These can be recycled at Sainsbury's (SEPARATE BIN – NOT OURS).

We do NOT take SALAD/FRUIT BAGS OR YOUR USED PLASTIC – Please use the other appropriate bins that the Supermarkets now provide.

Please stick to the list, if it's not listed we can't take it.

We are a very small group of volunteers doing this. Putting the wrong items in our collection box makes it much harder for us to sort out. Anything that is sent that is not on this list just fills our rubbish bin

The Green Dot confusion!  This symbol doesn't necessarily mean the product is recyclable.  It simply means that the product's manufacturer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe.  Click on the Green Dot to find our more about the Green Dot.

Going round in circles over what can be recycled? Download this handy guide from Tesco's - Every little helps! 

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